Hi, I am Dr. Prodigious. I run a YouTube channel of the same name. The main purpose with which I run the channel is to present various educational videos and resources in an organized and intuitive manner. There is no shortage of educational material on the internet, but there is definitely a crunch of quality material. There are few quality resources but they are too disorganized and not very easy to find.

People tell me that I have a gift of being good with computers, internet and stuff , and I agree that I find doing a lot of things easy which others struggle to do. Therefore, it will be a waste to keep your skills to yourself and be the only single person that benefits from it. Hence, I shall use it to benefit as many people as possible. Indeed I have found that majority of medical students aren’t very good at using technology to their favour. I hope my effort helps them to some extent.

If you have any questions, suggestions or appreciation or criticisms to make, feel free to contact me. You can use this form:


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  1. Hello. Your animations are the best I have found. You are great that you are sharing this with us. Please consider changing licence for videos to Creative Commons on YouTube to allow others using them for full scale. Thanks in advance.

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